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English Spelling and Pronunciation Courseware
Designed for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 (Chinese/English versions)

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Includes 3 card games

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Are you a parent or a teacher thinking of ways to upgrade the English standard of your children? If that is the case, "Engphonics" is the courseware for you. "Engphonics" provides a new direction for children to learn English pronunciation and spelling. It is a product developed by LangComp, a company that devotes to applying information technology to language education.

"Engphonics" is especially suitable for Chinese children. Through "Engphonics", children may acquire a high standard of English.


  • A comprehensive interactive course of English pronunciation and spelling
  • Pronunciation demonstrations by native speakers of American English
  • "ABC Song" karaoke -- a tool for children to acquire the alphabet of English. Singing aloud the "ABC Song" may be the most interesting and effective way to familiarize oneself with the order and the pronunciation of the alphabet. Besides, a simple click can find more information of letters, including related example words, capital letters and small letters in both hand-written and printed forms
  • There are two systems of English transcription -- IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) and Webster Pronunciation Keys -- for children to build up a sound foundation in English
  • An introduction to vowels, consonants and other English sound symbols
  • An introduction to spelling rules, tone rules and common weak forms
  • A syllable table with words that rhyme with each other -- a simple demonstration of how to pronounce a word by reading out sound symbols
  • Challenging educational activities and games for children to master the subject matter
  • Interchangeable English / Chinese interfaces
  • A complete online help system -- an easy-to-learn and user-friendly system for children to master the simple operation of the courseware in a short time
  • Word Cards -- an online English dictionary with about 300 entries
  • FREE! A set of 300 English vocabulary game cards and card game suggestions -- help children build their vocabulary and learn English character sequence and phonetic symbols


Field of Teaching

  • English pronunciation and spelling (General American English)

Target Users

  • Chinese-speaking children

System Requirements

  • Multimedia computer with an Intel Pentium 166MHz processor, or compatible
  • 32MB of RAM
  • VGA (Resolution: 640 x 480), 256-colour display card and monitor
    (Display card and monitor which support Super VGA (Resolution: 800 x 600), Hi-Colour or True Colour are recommended)
  • 20MB of available hard disk space
  • 6x speed CD-ROM drive
    (CD-ROM drive of 8x speed or faster is recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 (Chinese or English* version)
  • 16-bit sound card with loudspeakers or earphones connected
  • Mouse

* In order to use the Chinese language interface in a non-Chinese Windows environment, Chinese system add-ons like RichWin should be installed.

Items Included in the Package

  • Courseware on CD-ROM
  • User's manual
  • One set of English vocabulary game cards

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