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Our Portfolio of Products and Services:

Pinyinizer 2
Pinyinizer 2

(Formerly "Biaoyinyi")
Automated Chinese Pinyin Transcriber
標音易 2 普通話發聲插件
Pinyinizer 2 Putonghua
Reading Add-in
Putonghua Lingting yu Renbian
Putonghua Lingting yu Renbian
Intermediate Putonghua Learning Material (Textbook + Audio CD)

Jyutping Bat Naan
Jyutping Bat Naan
Cantonese Romanization Courseware
Learn While Playing
Learning While Playing*
Chinese Language Educational Game Pack
Smart Jyutping IME
Smart Jyutping IME*
Chinese Input Method Editor
LangComp ChineseCheck
LangComp ChineseCheck*
Chinese Proofreader

Simplified Chinese Character Courseware
Practical Jyutping Input Method
Practical Jyutping Input Method*
Chinese Input Method Editor
English Pronunciation and Spelling Courseware
An Integrated Approach to
Computer-assisted Language Learning (ICALL)
*: Product information available in Chinese only

Some of the Projects developed for Education Bureau
Special Projects:
(Developed for Education Bureau, Hong Kong SAR)

From Simplified to Traditional Characters Traditional Chinese Character Courseware

From Traditional to Simplified Characters Simplified Chinese Character Courseware

Reference Word Table for Primary Level Chinese Language Teaching (Trial version) CD-ROM

Path to Mastery of Chinese Characters Chinese Character Courseware

Path to Moral Excellence Primary Chinese Language Learning Software on Traditional Chinese Virtues

Idiom Zoo (II) Chinese Idiom Education Website

(Winner of one of the winners of "Ten Healthy Websites Contest 2004", "Meritorious Websites Contest" in 2005 & 2006 and "Meritorious Website Hall of Fame Awards" in 2007)
成語動物園 II - 獎項

Promoting Assessment for Learning in English Language Education at Primary Level

Hong Kong Chinese Lexcial Lists for Primary Learning

Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools

Language Services

Language Services
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